Prepare for appointment with your cardiologist

Your doctor will draw up a treatment plan. If you want to be properly prepared for your treatment you can make use of the following checklist to engage in a discussion with your cardiologist or heart surgeon.

  • Test results: discuss the results of the ECG (electrocardiography), the ultrasound (echocardiography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or X-ray scan with your doctor.
  • How severe is your condition?  Discuss the current status of your heart valve defect with your doctor; how severe is it?
  • Recent illnesses:  inform your doctor if you have been ill recently or if you are having difficulty with something that could affect the treatment.
  • Various treatment possibilities: discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various possibilities in detail with your doctor. What suits you the best?
  • Expectations for the operation: what can you expect from the recommended operation? Can the doctor go over the entire procedure with you; how long will it take? Ask about the aftercare and how long it will take before you can go home.
  • Medication: what medication must you use before and after the operation?
  • Prevention: how can you ensure that there is no further damage to the heart valve.
  • Everyday life: what can you change in your everyday life to accelerate your recovery and to improve your health?