Test yourself

Test here for signs of cardiac insufficiency or mitral regurgitation. Are you quickly exhausted and out of breath when, for example, climbing stairs? Many symptoms are often dismissed as old age problems. However, when there are multiple problems that occur at the same time, it may be a sign of ongoing cardiac insufficiency, mitral valve regurgitation, or other heart defects.

Understand your symptoms

The test below will help you better understand your symptoms. At the end of the test you will receive an overview. You can print the list and take it to your doctor. That way you will have a good basis for a discussion about your physical symptoms.

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Gain insight into your symptoms and help with your conversation with your doctor

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I suffer from shortness of breath, particularly after exertion or when lying down
I am quickly physically exhausted
I often feel dizzy and lightheaded
I suffer from dry cough, which gets worse when I lie down
I have swollen feet
During the night I go multiple times to the toilet

How do you feel in general?

We would like to ask some additional questions to create a more complete picture of your situation. You can simply check the statements that apply to you.

I don't sleep well at night
I have very little energy
I lost my appetite for my favorite food
I have fewer social activities with friends/family
I have fewer hobbies
In the past 12 months I have been admitted to the hospital more than twice
I find it hard to concentrate or remember things
I feel sad
I feel dependent on other people
I'm preoccupied with my health all day
Are you already being treated by a cardiologist?